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˅ Exhibition Overview ˅

Media partner

Logo: Outfluence

Outfluence is the first German agency for influencer marketing specialized in the outdoor segment. All influencers in our portfolio admire nature and pursue their passion: Whether fishing, hiking, hunting, climbing, outdoor cooking or agriculture - we offer you a wide range of topics and strong personalities.

Logo: Jagdzeit International

the new standard in international hunting magazines. The most exclusive and the only easy way to enjoy the total experience of hunting. Our hardcover books will provide an interesting and exciting reading, once and again. With every new edition we will bring the entire experience and adventure of hunting. This includes the intensely sublime beauty of nature, with a unique combination of real unaltered nature photography, exciting hunting stories, and important factual information. 

Logo: Jagdkatalog

The „Jagdkatalog“ is more than a traditional hunting catalogue, it is the most important junction for hunters and their preferred dealers. The most important brands of the industry and all highlights for the show season are included and will make it a perfect tool for hunting life. 

Logo: Spurlaut

Spurlaut.com is the new, real outdoor life proven network for active hunters, which safe not only money, but also time and give all needed information to be more successful, effective and better informed. This extraordinary network is based on almost 150 years of hunting tradition and knowledge. 

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